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Changes in your health can feel scary, but you don’t have to feel completely lost. There is so much power within you. You just need the support and guidance to figure out how to get started. I can help you strengthen your mind, body, and soul, getting you on the road to improved health quickly!


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Hi, I'm Erin!

I am a nurse practitioner, and I have been working with patients for 15+ years. While the lessons I've learned are endless, one in particular continues to stand out: even if the body is weak, the mind and soul have the ability to remain strong. 

I choose to help those impacted by serious illness because their faith is strong and their desire to live life is unwavering. A serious diagnosis suddenly stops the world from spinning, causing everything to crash down around you. I want to be one of the people on your team who helps pick the pieces back up.


I am not here to sell you a miracle cure or tell you your treatment is wrong. I am here to help you feel empowered in making the best choices for you. 

Modern-day medicine is a valid part of treatment, however it often focuses on treating the body from the outside-in. I also believe there is much work to be done on healing the body from the inside-out. I have seen the pain, fear, and anxiety that can come along with treatment. This causes stress, making it more difficult for the body to recover and heal.

When you work with me, you will learn how to create a peaceful environment - both internally and externally - that facilitates healing. 

You have the power to calm your internal nervous system and allow your immune system to kick in to support your body's ability to create healthy cells. 

Your doctor's treatment plan is a vital part of treating your illness, but aligning your whole self will allow your mind-body-spirit connection to put you on the path to healing. 

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Kind Words

Crystal P.

"Navigating a diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming. Erin has been such a guiding North Star for me on this journey. She has helped me stay grounded and positive while also facing my biggest fears. I’ve been able to move forward by taking things piece by piece and handling what I can control in the moment. Erin has been so vital in helping me see things like that. It’s been a blessing for me and my family."

Lisa D.

“Erin’s messages have given me a real sense of calm during a very difficult season in my life, dealing with cancer and the continual doctoring and treatments that are my new normals.

In a recent message, Erin spoke of the importance of placing peace ahead of fear and anxiety, which reminded me that by focusing on God, this is possible. 

I look forward to listening to her soft and tranquil voice. She has helped me immensely!”

Brittany G.

"What Erin has provided me in the gift of meditation, is something I will be eternally grateful for. Her soothing voice and positive presence that is felt through her messages has guided my anxious heart and calmed my mind. All the while, directing me to focus on the good and move forward. She is a true angel here on earth, I am convinced."

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