Meet Erin


Hi, I’m Erin!

I help those impacted by illness or disease heal from the inside-out. I am a believer in God, a wife, a Mama to 3 wonderful (yet rambunctious) children. I am also a Nurse Practitioner.

I completed my undergraduate study at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin in 2007 and promptly moved out to Arizona (goodbye snow). My first years of nursing included working with oncology patients in the radiation setting, a neurosurgical inpatient unit, and an outpatient chemotherapy infusion center. The experiences and lessons I learned as a nurse shaped me into the caring, compassionate person I am today. Still yet, I knew I wanted to do more… I obtained my Doctorate in Nursing Practice at Arizona State University in 2014, allowing me to practice as a Nurse Practitioner (NP). 

Since becoming an NP, I have worked in pain management, created a comprehensive breast cancer clinic, and supported patients in the palliative care setting. These opportunities and lessons granted me the ability to see the need for more wholistic care in the oncology setting and healthcare as a whole. 

It wasn’t until more recently, however, that I felt the personal sorrow and fear that comes with a diagnosis. At 6-months old, our twin daughter was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder. Our world was shattered. I was lost, scared, and despite my medical knowledge, I did not feel listened to as my baby’s mother. For the first time, I found myself at the mercy of the medical system I had been a part of over the past decade. Feeling powerless is something I now understand, and it is a feeling I never want any patient or family to experience. That is the lesson. The one that pushed me forward and gave me the understanding that a different approach to care is needed.

When our daughter Kelsey was undergoing treatment, many of the recommended treatments did not help her symptoms, thus pushing us further into fear, despair, and discomfort. It took over a month to find a treatment she responded to.

It was the longest month of my life.

Kelsey adapted and overcame. But me? I struggled. Big time. The anxiety of what would come? The fear of the next set-back? All of it was too much. I was a mess, and I started to crumble. And then, I took a leap. I swallowed my pride. I stepped out of the silence. I admitted to myself (and the world) I needed more support, and I asked for help. I hired a personal health coach. And this lesson? The lesson of doing the work and investing in myself? This lesson is what I want this program to be for others impacted by illness or health struggles. Believing there is more, knowing your mind, your body, and your spirit matter.

I want you to know there is meaning in hardship. There is possibility and growth in uncertainty, and there is lasting peace waiting for your soul. 

While working with me is not a substitute for your doctor's recommendations, I know I can help patients and their loved-ones ignite their own healing from the inside-out. I provide support along your journey and guide you to finding the best possible chance for healing.

I am certain it is my life’s purpose to support you along the way. I want to be a bright spot in your dark days. I want to lift you up when you feel lost and scared... I hope you will let me. 

Are you ready to strengthen your Healing System?

Let me show you how it's possible.