Life is Short

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2021

I flew out to my home state of Wisconsin this past Tuesday. Yesterday we laid to rest my Uncle and Aunt, both who passed from COVID19 complications. It was tough. It was tough for me to watch my cousin, an only child, say goodbye to her parents. It was hard to watch my Dad commemorate his younger brother. And it obviously got my wheels spinning...

Man, this life is short. We spend so much time worrying about things that do not necessarily matter. Sure in the moment it seems like certain things are pressing and require our utmost attention. But I can't help but think about the countless hours I have spent worrying about my appearance, sleepless nights spent worrying about this new business, hours upon hours upon hours of mindless scrolling...

And for what? I have heard before that you may not remember everything a person has said to you, but you will always remember the way he/she made you feel. My Uncle made me laugh. He made me feel happy. And my Aunt? My Dad said it best yesterday at the service. My Aunt was kind. She was warm-hearted. She made me feel loved, safe, and welcomed. They were an amazing couple. They were love. 

So as I type this... I am just reflecting that sometimes, the things we think matter? Maybe they aren't as important as we are making them out to be. Maybe what matters most is spending more time making memories with the people around us rather than scrolling through the moments of others. Maybe it's that we care less about our appearance, our house being perfect, or crossing everything off the 'to do' list. And maybe it's just about being present and grateful. 

Life is so short. And we just never know what twists and turns it will take. I just hope that I can continue to leave a lasting impression on those I am lucky enough to know. That's my new goal. 

Strength and healing to you friend,



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