It's okay to change your mind.

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2021

I feel like our present-day culture and the pressures of society lead us to feel we are not allowed to change our minds. So often, we post on social media about a feeling or belief we have. We tell friends, family, coworkers, "Well, I would NEVER do..... xyz." And then, there is a shift. Something pulls at our heart. Something calls to us... And suddenly, we are right, smack-dab in the middle of contemplating the very thing we claimed we would never do.

I was reminded this past week of this very thing. I met last week with a former physician colleague who is in the beginning stages of staring his own Wellness practice, with a Functional Medicine foundation. He is looking for a MindBody coach to help support the patients in the Wellness center. I have been in touch with him in regards to what I am doing with my cancer program. So we decided to get together to discuss how things are going for each of us.

During our time together, we discussed my willingness to work with patients diagnosed with any ailment, not just that of cancer. Originally, I had never even given this a thought. I am so passionate about helping cancer patients and their caregivers. But then I was reminded of another physician friend who asked me the same question about 2 months ago. "Erin, why are you not using this model for all patients? Everyone needs this..."

So here I am. Making a shift in my plan. Deciding that I am passionate about helping those impacted by cancer (and that program is not going anywhere!), but also ready to use my expertise and experience to help anyone looking to improve their illness and overall picture of health. 

I tell my patients all the time, if something doesn't feel congruent or if it is not going as expected, we can always pause, reflect, and decide which path is the next one to walk down. That's the thing about life. There always is another path... It may not be what we expected. It may not be the easier one to go down. It may be something we said we would 'never' do. It may be hard and scary. But sometimes the fear and uncertainty within the unknown is exactly what path we are supposed to forge down, trusting in God and the universe to show us what will come next. 

So this is your reminder this week. Pause. Reflect. Swallow the pride if necessary. Realize that as you grow, change, and adapt, you may need to do something you were certain you would never do. That means nothing other than you are wise enough to change directions when necessary. Release any previous expectations. Breathe through the discomfort. And continue to move forward, even if it is just one breath at a time.

Sending strength and healing. ✨🙏🏽🤍



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